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Some installation problems

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  • Maury Markowitz
    started a topic Some installation problems

    Some installation problems

    I've completed an install of lite, but I had some problems. I noticed a thread with "alternate" instructions (which were excellent, kudos) but I think some of these issues need to be more clearly explained!

    1) it's all well and good if you are on a host with mySQL, but I'd bet that a lot of people using lite are doing so to test out the software (like I am). Thus the vB manual should make it very clear that mySQL does NOT run out of the box, and will require at least one file to be created/edited by hand, and the app to be run.

    Now I know it's not vB's area, but these two points should at least be made clear, followed by a link to the mySQL install instructions. These few words would have saved me a lot of reading.

    2) vB defaults to attempting to connect to mySQL on port 3306. However it appears that mySQL defaults to port 11061. At least it did on my machine.

    As a result vB can't connect (of course) and something needs to be edited. Again, simply mentioning this, and pointing to the mqSQL docs would be fine. But if mySQL really did change the default port, I think the vB default should be changed as well.

    3) the relationship between the upload directory and the URL should be clearly spelled out, with examples. In the normal vB docs the "install directory" changes from example to example. And if the user does pick some other install directory name (or none at all) they may be confused when the URL's don't work. A few examples here would go a long way!

    This whole step needs considerably more documentation, period. "Upload all the files onto your server" is not enough information!

    4) not everyone is uploading to their server to install! I simply had to copy the files from one dir to another on my machine. In this case the whole "upload step" is somewhat mysterious. Examples of the root folders and how to use them should be given.

    5) the manual states that step 9 of the install is to supply my admin name and password. There is no step 9 in the lite version. So when you complete your install following the 4 steps in the readme, or by following the manual, you end up not being able to log into the system.

    Uhhh, one line is all that's needed to describe this, I think it could safely be added to the readme!

    5) I get a tremendous number of warnings being printed out by PHP about undefined variables, properties, and "constant templates". I assume that this is non-important? If so, how do I turn it off?


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