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    Having a few problems....

    well, yesterday i applyed for a f2s mysql database and today at 9, i have tryed it and r getting:

    Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Unknown MySQL Server Host '' (2) in /web/sites/f2s/ on line 305
    MySQL said:

    is this because the database is not ready yet or somthing todo with my password/username?

    Reply ASAP please


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      well, thanx to that great tutorial, i have managed to overcome my problems and it is working :)

      but, when i go to it [url][/url] it obviously has no pictures like the header and things at the botton, wat part of the control pannel do i put the pictures?


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        HELP! or ill go insane (but probably not :O)

        i followed your tutorial kier, but after i uploaded them to cuteFTP and tried to open install.php in my browser it said "you are currently not running .php" so err, how do i run .php or whatever it is?


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          nm, found the answer
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            I did everything accordingly to the tutorial and have double checked and yet the same error over and over again.........

            The requested URL could not be retrieved


            While trying to retrieve the URL: [no URL]

            The following error was encountered:

            Read Error
            The system returned:

            (104) Connection reset by peer
            An error condition occurred while reading data from the network. Please retry your request.

            Your cache administrator is webmaster.

            Generated Tue, 18 Sep 2001 03:23:28 GMT by (Squid/2.4.STABLE1)


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              is there a guide like this for normal vb?


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                I don't know anything,Help me please

                how to study these?


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                  problems with step 6 in install

                  Good evening...I installed the lite version of the forum with no problems...but when I tried to install the full fersion of version 1.1.3 I can call up the install.PHP and make it through all the steps but it hangs on step 6 with this message in the browser window:
                  Setting up templates...

                  Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in db_mysql.php on line 69

                  I can jump ahead by manually telling nav bar in IE to go to step 7 then I can complete the setup all the way thru to admin settings....however, when you try to register as a user or post a new thread or reply you get a blank browser window in both IE and Netscape browsers....what is the problem? Lite Version seems to work fine....paid for version does not....

                  Thanks for all your help.


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                    Why are you installing 1.1.3? This version hasn't been available for a very long time.
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                      it was the version I had from a while back and when I switched paid for servers, they didnt support PHP, so I went with a ASP based forum then I got an email from my host saying they now support PHP so i tried to install my version I had NO luck, but lite did.....and dont know where to go for the update to version's been a long while since setting this thing up


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                        The tutorial site is down

                        Is that the case or have they cancelled or the free accounts? I understand that f2s is no longer offering free accounts.



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                          They delete vbulletin because it is too much of a stress on there servers.
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                            so where could i find a good tut because i would like to put a forum up on my site and i have not the slightest idea.


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                              i'm running my own server. I'm am running MySQL & PHP & phpMyAdmin
                              i have everything setup as default.


                              i can load the install.php & it says "welcome..blah blah",
                              but it also lists many errors. Such as.. "Warning: Undefined variable: step in D:\web sites\mysite\vblite\admin\install.php on line 25"

                              i get that same error about 8 to 10 times.. each error reporting a different "line #" in install.php :(

                              can anyone help me?


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                                the same

                                I have the same Problem!!!!!


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