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  • install vblite on HELP needed:

    I have already downloaded vbulletin from here and uploaded it to my webspace, but I can't seem to get to my home page to install it...what I mean is it's not coming up and not sure where the files are to go.

    I remember seeing one post within the past month from someone who posted about a successful installation of vbulletin on but can't find that person's post.

    Any help is appreciated as I would like to get it working on the website by Friday nite and then change the color from purple to blue, will have to figure that out last and customize it a bit more to have our group name at the top of the forum board...thanks


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    i havent had any bad luck doing that
    all i did is, get a database from f2s (check your toolbox) and enter that info you get back into the config.php i think and that is all.

    upload all the files, i uploaded them into /vbullentin/ .
    and then ran install.php


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      I already checked the toolbox last friday when I signed up, so I see 2 database rawlog files to download, what are those files for? That confuses me right there.

      when I uploaded my files, the directory is lite package. (I use CUTE FTP) Then I am logged into my account. I selected website, but my site doesn't come up. SO I manually entered my site address and it tells me to login to f2s to upload, well I am using cute ftp to upload and already did that, my site isn't coming up at all.

      I tried to bring up the install file in the browser too, but nothing...what did I do wrong? Any ideas?



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        in the members section, there should be a new link, called Database, click on it
        this is only if you have made a database, which sounds like you did.
        At the bottom of the page, it should tell you a few info, that is the info you put in config.php (or config.php3)

        the info is something like this:
        Database Username: user
        Database Name: dbname
        Database Server:
        Database Port: 330

        something like that, you add all that in your config.php:


        you leave $dbservertype
        servername = Database Server
        dbusername = Database Username
        dbpassword = the password you did when you added the database
        dbname = Database Name
        cppassword= make a password for the contol panel

        i hope this did something ;)

        now if not,

        when you uploaded, upload as ASCII into a new folder,
        when you first login, you will get a folder called [url],[/url] you enter that first (should know that anyway) then make a folder and upload the files.

        then, i opened install.php from the browser, that is

        that is it i think

        but one thing, i didnt like the vblite version, why? coz you cannot register! people just view the topics. (if anyone knows why please tell me)

        thanks and good luck


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          thanks, I will try that next and see what happens

          as for not being able to register, I read in another topic forum, while trying to find help with my situation that vlite forums are only for testing purposes, which I think means that it's only readable but not writeable, is that right?

          Then how will one be able to post? Or shall I find a different fourm to use, the other idea I have is to only use a guestbook till I get my own php board created, after I have mastered it more...the guestbook would be the one at:
          [url][/url] under products list is the download link. they have a sample one to test too on the website.

          I did upload that to my directory on but it didn't appear either, weird.

          I did want to use blazeboard, but their new style just doesn't thrill me, with orange, they used to be blue. :eek:

          Going to do what you recommended now.
          Thanks! ;)


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            I'm keeping an eye on this post cos I'll be trying tomorrow when my account is setup. Let us know how you get on...


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              I kept getting errors so far, but someone on another forum is going to help me out and point out what I did wrong, will fill you in later.

              Error messages I got so far:
              Attempting to connect...

              Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Access denied for user:

              Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in

              db_mysql.php on line 37

              thanks for the help so far.


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                erm, im thinking why it happens, dunno why though.

                for the register thingy, only the admin can post, which is the person that setup the forums.

                but i just dont know why it get those errors, the database config must be wrong or something like that, but the error looks like its from the script itself, try uploading all the files again.


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