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Problem with popup menus doing nothing (not showing)

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  • Problem with popup menus doing nothing (not showing)

    I recently updated from 3.7.3 to 3.7.7 and I have a feeling that this problem happened at that time, although I didn't notice it until today.

    Various popup menus in the forum no longer work on Safari / Mac OS X. Some of them do work in FireFox, but it takes two clicks the first time to get it to open. Others also do nothing. Some of them don't work in Windows either, so I don't think it's necessarily browser related.

    I'm talking about the "Search this Forum" or "Forum Tools" etc. menus.

    I know that these all used to work correctly at one point.

    I believe the problem lies in the fact that the URL is displaying something about no javascript (I think).

    For example, the url for the Forum Tools button in one forum shows:

    Is this URL correct?

    I don't believe I have javascript disabled anywhere - is there a setting for that in VBulletin? Any other ideas? Thanks...

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    Link to your site would help a ton


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      OK, it's

      The forum uses a fairly well-modified style/skin, however...

      I found this thread:

      I've been doing some further work and diagnosis on this problem.

      - JavaScript is enabled in the browser.
      - Admin CP -> vBulletin Options -> Style & Language Settings -> Use 'vBMenu' DHTML Popup Menus? - is enabled
      - Full AJAX support is enabled
      - I created a new style with no parent, and tested it. Problem persists.
      - I tried disabling all plug/in hooks Admin CP -> vBulletin Options -> Plugin/Hook System - problem persists

      If you take a look at it, try going into one of the forums, and there should be a "Forum tools" and "Search this forum" menu, both of which do nothing on all browsers. I could swear there was perhaps some setting in the vBulletin options related to allowing searching of forums, but I couldn't seem to find it.


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        More... ok, it seems a bit weirder than that. After playing around some more, I have discovered that the popup menus work in some forums, but not in some other forums.

        for example, if you go into the first forum on the page "General Announcements/Latest News":

        They don't work at all, even the Menu and Search at the top of the index.

        If you go into the second forum "New Member Zones":

        ... then they work (if you click them twice). It's like that with many other sub-forums - some work, some don't.

        And it does this with a default new style as well...


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          I am getting some javascript errors, what happens if you try the default vBulleitn style instead of your custom style?


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            Not sure what you mean - isn't that what I did by creating a new default style without a parent? As I said, in that case, I still have the exact same problems...


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              Can you link to this style?


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                How do I do that? I don't allow users to change styles...


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                  You may want to tempoarly at least to let us test this.


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                    I don't know how easy that's going to be, I did something a bit custom years ago to allow *one* disabled user to set the forum to another style, but nobody else, and I can't remember all what was involved in that.

                    How about if I make a trouble ticket and give you admin access to the forum to test the other style?


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                      Please note that as per this announcement vB 3.7 is end-of-life and no longer supported:

                      Steve Machol, former vBulletin Customer Support Manager (and NOT retired!)
                      Change CKEditor Colors to Match Style (for 4.1.4 and above)

                      Steve Machol Photography

                      Mankind is the only creature smart enough to know its own history, and dumb enough to ignore it.


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                        1. OK - so when is the end of life for 3.8 for support?

                        2. Even if I enable the ability to select styles, you would need an account to check that out, wouldn't you? I don't really want to temporarily set the whole forums to the default style for who knows how may weird out too many users.


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                          Further to the above, I created a test account for you.
                          login: vbtest
                          pw: vbtest246

                          I set this user to have the newly created test style (no parent). You should still see the same problems.

                          Testing just now with firefox, I see this error when opening the first sub-forum "General Announcements/Latest News" -

                          Error: H[F] is undefined
                          Source File:
                          Line: 11
                          None of the menus work in there. Some, but not all sub-forums are similar.

                          When going back up to the main index, I do not receive this error. However, if I click on "search" then I get this error the *first time* (and no menu); the second time the menu actually shows.

                          And if I enter the second sub-forum, "New Member's Zones", I also do not get the error until I click the first time and then the second time the menu works.


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                            Steve Machol: So are you saying that no forum support for 3.7.7 is available? Were you directing Zachery to stop attempting to help me? I really need some help with this, I've got users complaining....


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                              I am saying that that 3.7 is end-of-life and no longer officially support. We still try to help when we can, but sometimes the only option may be to upgrade to a supported version.

                              If this is important to you, then you should upgrade to at least 3.8.7.
                              Steve Machol, former vBulletin Customer Support Manager (and NOT retired!)
                              Change CKEditor Colors to Match Style (for 4.1.4 and above)

                              Steve Machol Photography

                              Mankind is the only creature smart enough to know its own history, and dumb enough to ignore it.


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