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  • I received my first IPN warning on February 6th, out of the blue, after making zero changes to anything for several months. Paypal has since disabled IPN's five (5) times and all I can do is keep re-enabling it. I've followed this thread since the end of February, why has the VBB staff stopped responding to this??


    • I spoke too soon when I said I seem to have stopped getting IPN failures for subscriptions to our Forum as we have had another. In the past there were always a few subscriptions that went through without a problem but they were greatly outnumbered by the ones that produced failures. Over the last couple of months we had several subscriptions on the run which were successful which made me think the problem had somehow gone away but the failure we have just had indicates that we still do have the problem.

      Originally posted by jonsidneyb View Post

      IPN off and disabled is working for me, when IPN is not disabled I run into problems.
      Jonsidneyb (and others who made similar comments), are you sure everything is working OK? Yes you'll stop getting the IPN failures but if you require vBulletin to do anything (such as promoting the user to a different usergroup) in response to the payment being successfully completed in Paypal, in my experience you need the IPNs enabled.


      • Mine are getting promoted. I have had 40 in the last week.

        My problem is they are not reverting back after the time is over.


        • I'm convinced that this is almost definitely not a VB issue, if you google IPN problem, you will find a multitude of folks out there experiencing similar problems with it, mainly shopping cart software etc.

          My theory is that everything in VB is working as it should, but Paypal is either not receiving the server response, or not processing it effectively. I'm convinced Paypal have changed something and are overlooking it or denying it in ignorance of the impact that it is having out there.

          I have no IT credentials, and the above is based upon hours and hours of research and dialogue with II types, rest assured it will be something utterly daft when we finally discover it.
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          • This error is when we receive non-vb subscription payment.

            And it disable ipn after few failures and until we enable ipn, it'll not sent notification to vbulletin and all subscribers will not get promoted.

            so have to enable again.

            anyone found anyway?
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            • Anyone got fix for this ? am facing the same problem.


              • Paypal disabled it for the 7th time and I just re-enabled it... for the 7th time. Yay! And not a word from the vBulletin staff.


                • Yeah, this is getting ridiculous. I've had to get enabled multiple times now. Going across several boards, I've lost quite a few subs thanks to this and people pissed off because it looked like I was sitting on their money.


                  • Originally posted by RetroDreams View Post
                    I've had to get enabled multiple times now. Going across several boards, I've lost quite a few subs thanks to this and people pissed off because it looked like I was sitting on their money.
                    same here, where is the vbulletin support ?? they need to get a fix , seems like something changed with paypal api ?


                    • From what I've seen, lots of people on vB4 are not having problems, people on vB3 are also not having problems overall. Though there are some people who are having an issue. From what we can tell there is not a bug in vBulletin at this time.


                      • I believe Zachery is correct, especially after reading post #109 above. It seems to be a PayPal issue, but of course they are not going to admit that. They're perfect and have no faults.
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                        • I've tried all of the above and also the IPN guide found somewhere within this forum. It doesn't matter what combination of settings I try, I'm always getting the following in my Transaction log file for paid subscriptions:


                          I've published some more details here

                          Just getting subscriptions to work and go through and have vbulletin notice them would be a sigh of relief.


                          • I'm at my whit's end on this....I did not have a problem until I upgraded to VB4. Paypal people seem unable to help also, although I keep trying.

                            I'm going to be loosing customers over this......I don't need this stress right now. Is there ANY answers? Subscribers are not being promoted for access and I'm having to manually give them special access.


                            • I'm on 3.8.1 and getting the error emails from paypal, it doesn't seem to be affecting anything though so I don't know what else to do but ignore it. :/


                              • I'm having this issue as well. The problem seems to be that I have subscriptions going to the same PayPal email address as all my other PayPal transactions. For example, we sell ads directly to vendors. When their invoice is due, I will send them a PayPal Payment Request from within PayPal's "Request Money". And, when the Vendor pays the invoice PayPal sends a IPN to VB and it fails at my VB naturally, because it's not party to the transaction at all.

                                Also, I have the CYB Donate mod installed from dot org. When those donations are made PayPal also sends an IPN to VB and, since it's not part of a subscription that too "fails" at VB.

                                So, for every IPN contact that PayPal sends to my VB only a few are succeeding -- the ones that are part of the VB Subscriptions system -- and the rest are failing. After a few failures, PayPal deactivates IPN for your account.

                                OK, so I've figured this much out, but I haven't figured out a solution yet. I'm thinking perhaps I need to use different email addresses for subscriptions than I use for everything else, so that I don't end up with dozens of IPN failures for all non-subscription activity on my account.

                                Anyone else have a solution to the issue?


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