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Can't log into Admin CP

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  • Can't log into Admin CP

    I am having trouble logging into the Admin CP. I will put in the username and password and it will act like it is logging in and then will take me back to the sign-in page. I have tried for days and still can't get in. What can I do??? I can't manage the forums without being able to log in to do so. Help, please

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    Have you confirmed that your account is in the Administrator usergroup?

    If so then this is probably a cookie domain/path issue. To fix this, upload the tools.php script in the 'do_not_upload' folder of the vB zip file to your Admin CP directory and run it from your browser. Use this to reset the cookie domain and path back to the defaults. And then leave your cookie domain and path at the default settings. There is no reason to change these. If you need to specify a unique cookie, use the cookie prefix setting in config.php instead.
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