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Picture Album Url and bb code links not showing

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  • Picture Album Url and bb code links not showing

    Someone on my site is trying to post pictures from their album to their blog or post, but it only shows the url not the image itself

    I checked my album here and it shows a Url and bb code option to copy/paste into a post, but in the albums on my site this isn't showing. Why? How do set it so members can post images from their albums to their blog and posts?

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    In the following picture shows the Picture url and the bb code but on my site this isn't showing. Could this be the reason why people can't post images from their albums to posts? Is there a setting that I don't have on properly?

    Is there a setting requirement to allow album pictures to be embedded in posts?

    Does it have anything to do with word wrap or something because all I'm seeing is this instead of the image in the post. It's like it's set as a link instead of an image.

    Is it because it's not showing the full url that the image isn't showing up. it cuts off at attac... then adds 3 dots then continues with the last part of the link. Is this what Parsing links does?

    When editing you can see the image in the WYSIWYG editor, but when it's posted it just turns into the link. Why?

    Is it because the url doesn't have .gif .jpg .png etc., and isn't recognized as an image? It appears the link above is doing the same thing, the image isn't showing up, it's just the link that's showing.
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      Why does the image resolve to a url rather than showing the image in a Blog Post? Am I missing a setting?


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        How to achieve this....

        For those who want to know how to enable this you will need to do the following: In album_pictureview, find and delete
        <if condition="$show['picture_owner']">
        . Don't forget to delete the closing
        I hope this helps. I tested it and works.
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