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Infractions - BB code or html?

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  • Infractions - BB code or html?

    I'm setting up infractions and would like to use either BB code or html in the infraction titles.

    If I use BB code, it is formatted correctly in the body of the infraction. If I use html code it is formatted correctly in the title of the infraction.

    Is there a way to make one code work for both the title and the body so I don't have code showing in one or the other?

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    I am not sure I understand exactly where you placing the code, but I think you want these settings:

    Admin CP -> vBulletin Options -> BB Code Settings

    You will see there are settings to allow BB code and HTML code in non forum specific areas. That applies to text in things like infraction and reputation comments.


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      I'm placing it in the title area. The title is repeated in the email, so I have created a title for each violation of our User Agreement. This way, the moderator just chooses the violation and the don't need to type it out in the administrative area. I'm using BB code so that they I can add a clickable link to our UA in the title/message.

      I'll take a look in the Admin CP and see if that does it.
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