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Change birthdate for imported users?

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  • Jake Bunce
    You can use a query like this:

    UPDATE user
    SET birthday = '00-00-0000', birthday_search = '0000-00-00'
    WHERE birthday = '01-01-1901'

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  • bobhenry4
    started a topic Change birthdate for imported users?

    Change birthdate for imported users?

    After importing all our members back in April, we noticed a couple of things that are both related.

    1) everyone that did not enter a birthdate was issued 1/1/1901. that doesnt seem like a big problem, however, we discovered that if the birthdays are set to that, and a user tries to get his password sent to them it will not work. Our Admins have to go in and at least change the year for that to function.

    2) we sent out a ton of happy birthday messages today (2900) and users can not login and change the date (for the same reason) we have to go and change the year and then they can update with the real birthday.

    is there any way to select everyone that has a 1/1/1901 birthday and automatically change the year? that way we can send out a mass mail and ask people to update the profile with the correct date.

    Also because we had so many users listed with birthdays today, we were getting a fatal timeout error on index.php just because on our site we had todays birthday people listed on the main page, as soon as I shut that off, the page loaded fine... it did take me about an hour to figure out why it was doing that

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