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vbupload files showing in forum root directory

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  • vbupload files showing in forum root directory

    Exact same thing as was happening in this thread:

    I have disabled all my plug-ins (I only have All Albums and Google Analytics installed anyways) and it still happens. I've had my forum on three different severs and it's happened on all of them (besides, servers won't just create files but it seems like "the server" gets blamed a lot for issue around here). I remove several hundreds of these files a day. I've setup a cron job that removes them for me but I'm wondering, what's causing these files to show up?

    I'm running 3.7.4 pl1 on CentOS 5.2 on a dedicated server. Any help would be appreciated.


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    One thing that comes to mind is this setting:

    Admin CP -> vBulletin Options -> Server Settings and Optimization Options -> Safe Mode Temporary Directory

    If you are using safe mode uploads then maybe this is set to your forum directory?


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      I'm not using safe mode and that directory is set to /tmp.


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        What version of vBulletin are you running? If this is being caused by that bug then it was fixed back in 3.0:


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          I'm running 3.7.4 pl1. I looked through that thread and there is no longer even a functions_upload.php file.


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            Is there any particular action which generates the files? Are you able to reproduce it on demand?


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              I haven't been able to pin point the cause. I don't think it's related to the avatar action like the bug is because we don't allow avatars (right now). I've searched through my server logs and can't find reference to vbupload* in either the access logs or error logs.


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                i have the Same Problem.
                Any Upload over Vb (Avatar,ProfilPics,Albumpics,Attachments) go in the /tmp Dir. and Marked as vbuload*****

                It´s only after the update at 3.7.4


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                  Originally posted by supergper View Post
                  I've setup a cron job that removes them for me
                  Can we get this script from you?


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                    Originally posted by vmacedonia View Post
                    Can we get this script from you?
                    it's not really a script, I just have the rm command scheduled to run every minute. So, for example:

                    * * * * * rm -f /var/www/html/forum/vbupload*
                    change the /var/www/html/forum/ to the path that your files are being created at.


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