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  • Justify & YouTube Tags

    How do I add the "justify" and "YouTube" tags to the "reply to thread" style for members to be able to use this type of text formatting?
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      Thanks so much for the information, Jose Amaral Rego. I have done the justify portion and am now working on the YouTube part. The justify works perfectly

      EDIT: I was working with the YouTube portion and it's not really what I had in mind. Although adding the YouTube BB Code as shown above, it doesn't allow members to click a YouTube tag when replying to a the justify one above.

      I tried to do the same thing with the YouTube tag as I did with the justify tag and couldn't get it to work properly. I was able to upload a custom 21x20 YouTube .gif and edit the "edit_toolbar_on" template as I did for the justify tag, but I was unable to get the YouTube .gif clickable. It showed up, just not clickable.

      I thought I followed the same directions as with the justify portion, but maybe it's just too late for me and I'm tired.
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        The YouTube instructions worked perfectly for me. Just uploaded the .gif and when entering the custom BB code, specified its location.