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  • Backup Path Question

    I'm sure I'm missing something stupid on this but I'm a n00b to this. I'm using puTTy and SSH to take a backup. I tried to take one using the first line from the manual found here:

    Which is:
    mysqldump --opt -Q -u dbusername -p databasename > backupname.sql

    And of course I changed the things in bold to the correct things, hit enter and it asked for a password. I entered the password and my website got real slow so I figured it was making a backup. When my forum speed came back to normal I figured the backup was done so I went and checked on the FTP and nothing was there.

    So, I decided to try and put the backup in a certain location using the second line out of the manual. Problem is I don't know how to tell it where to put the backup. When I put something after the > I either get it telling me that xxx is a directory or no such file or directory exist.

    If I put in /home/backups/, it says Backups is a directory. But if I put in /home/backups/backup.sql I get it saying No Such File or Directory. So I don't know what to do, what am I doing wrong?

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    That just means you aren't entering a valid location.

    When specifying a backup location this can help:

    Admin CP -> Maintenance -> View PHP info

    You will see a setting at the bottom of this page called DOCUMENT_ROOT. You can do a CTRL + F to search for it. This setting reveals the full server path to the web root. For example:


    That can help you to know the full path to the backup folder you created.


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      Thanks Jake.

      I done what you said, entered it how I thought would be correct and got the prompt to enter password again. I entered the password, so we will see. Will the file just appear in the said folder if everything went through correctly? My database is probably huge since it contains a ton of images and things, I may have to take the images out to be better off.

      Thanks for your quick help.


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        It worked!!!!

        Thanks a ton Jake. My database is 1.34 gig, shew we. My forum isn't big at all but we do have a lot of pics and things uploaded into it. Should we export the images and things out of the database so it will be easier to manage?


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          Those post attachments can really add up. If you are experiencing slow forum performance then you might benefit from moving those attachments into the file system. Otherwise I personally prefer keeping them in the database:


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