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  • Q: Free Subscriptions?


    I currently I have a dilemma, I would like to put a sub forum on my site to discuss adult ideas and thoughts. The rest of the site is more geared to vanilla talk, and some readers might be offended by adult discussions.

    My thoughts were to create a subscribed sub-forum, however I don't want to charge access to it, merely use the subscription system as a opt-in mechanic to ensure that those that don't want to see adult content, don't accidentally stumble onto it.

    Is it possible to do this with 3.7?

    I did a forum search, but only found threads on paid subscriptions.


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    Oh, also, along those lines, is it possible to ban someone from being able to subscribe to something yet not from the rest of the site?

    As an example, if someone breaks the rules of said forum, disallow their subscription permanently?

    Thanks again.


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      No, there is no option to do that with the Paid Subscription system. However you could set up a Publicly Joinable Usergroup to accomplish the same thing.

      As for banning someone from a forum, you can do that with User Masks.
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        Sweet.. thank you!


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          Or put a password on it, and put the password in the forum description.