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  • DST confusion

    I am confused with the way DST works in vBulletin. Can you explain to me what exactly the options "Automatically detect DST settings" and "Is DST currently in effect" do?
    Today, a user that had set her timezone to GMT+1 was seeing the wrong time, and when we changed the option "Is DST currently in effect" for her (by edit user in ACP) to no it was solved, even though the help text for "Is DST currently in effect" said that if "Automatically detect DST settings" was set to yes, then it doesn't matter what "Is DST currently in effect" is set to.
    Also, even though our users that have a GMT+2 timezone see the correct time, it says (GMT+3) next to it, whereas it actually is GMT+2 with DST on.

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    The automatic DST correction uses client-side javascript to compare the clock on the client machine to the forum time. If it's one hour off then it changes the DST preference.

    The "GMT +X" text accounts for the DST option, so it can be one hour different than the time zone they have selected.


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      I tried changing turning DST off in my PC and then refreshing but the time in the forum didn't change (not in the second refresh either). So, either I didn't understand what you said, or its not working.
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        Try relogging. Otherwise just set it manually in your User CP. Auto DST detection doesn't always work. For example, some client browsers don't have javascript enabled.


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          This is why I tried it myself. I don't want to change it (so there is no need to tell me how to do it via UCP, I know that), I just wanted to see how it works so I can help out my users more efficiently.
          The browser I used had javascript enabled.
          I tried relogging but it didn't work.


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            It might be a style problem. Try to reproduce it on a default style:

            Admin CP -> Styles & Templates -> Style Manager -> [Add New Style]

            Create a new style with no parent. Then click that style's name in the Style Manager to view your forum with that style. If the problem goes away on the default style then you know it's a style problem at which point you need to systematically revert your custom templates to isolate the problem.


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