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Find all posts for user - acting weird?

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  • Find all posts for user - acting weird?

    Normally the Find all posts for user function will bring up a maximum of 500 posts, as that is what my max. search results is set to - if of course the user in question *has* at least 500 posts in public forums.

    I have a moderator who has WAY too much free time (lol) and he discovered that one of our users who does have hundreds of posts to his name is only showing 28 posts now in his Find all posts for user results. This mod (again, who has too much free time) apparently checks this person's "Find all" results every once in a while and he tells me it used to be 200+ (which is what it should be).

    Anyone know where I should look to find out why this would be? I've checked random other long-time users and they all have the 500 or whatever is appropriate to their number of posts. It may or may not be just this one guy who got his results clipped to a small number. I also maybe don't understand this function as well as I should. Thanks!

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    Make sure each forum is set to index posts:

    Admin CP -> Forums & Moderators -> Forum Manager -> Edit Forum -> Index New Posts in Search Engine

    Also note that searches also use group permissions. If a user doesn't have access to view threads in a specific forum then the search will not find any results in that forum.

    Also check which search engine you are using:

    Admin CP -> vBulletin Options -> Search Type (on the left, not the right)

    If you are using fulltext then run a repair to ensure that the search index is up-to-date:

    Admin CP -> Maintenance -> Repair / Optimize Tables

    If you are using the vBulletin search engine then you can run a rebuild in your:

    Admin CP -> Maintenance -> Update Counters -> Rebuild Search Index


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      Thanks, I checked all these things and found no issues. That one user is still the only user I can find with this problem. I know it isn't "important" but it's just weird if you know what I mean. :/ Thanks for responding!


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        I don't know why else it would do that unless of course the user really does only have 28 posts. Maybe some of his posts were recently deleted.


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