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Problems with unicode and URL tags

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  • Problems with unicode and URL tags

    This is how it should be :

    This is the reality :

    This is the input
    ASCII  [ URL=""]test[/ URL ]
    punycode + ascii [ URL=""]test[/ URL ]
    unicode + ascii  [ URL=http://www.试.com]test[/URL]
    unicode + ascii  [ URL="http://www.试.com"]test[/URL]
    punycode url + unicode [URL=""]试[/ URL ]
    unicode all [ URL="http://www.试.com"]试[/ URL ]
    It anyone familiar with this problem ?

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    Interesting. I have never seen that problem before. I don't know what would be causing that, but this thread has some stuff you can try:


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      Thanks Jake,

      I followed up on your adviced and checked CP but all your tips seem to be implemented already.

      Anyone else with ideas on this ?


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        We turned off all plug-ins and post-caching, the problem persists .

        Restating the problem :
        After any non-ascii character all bbcodes break down.


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          Also in PM's and signatures..


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            Unfortunately I am out of ideas. That thread has all of the explanations I know of for character problems like this.


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              I'll let you know if we find a solution Jake, thanks for the assistance.


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                In the mean time, Jake, can you ask around in the support crew ?


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                  If you can't fix it then we can take a look if you submit a trouble ticket with your forum and server logins:



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                    Hi Jake, I'm working on this with Glow.

                    Before we get to the last stage of providing log-in info, in summary here's what we've diagnosed:

                    When the VB software is building the HTML to display a post, as soon as it encounters a non-ASCII character within the text stored in the "post" database record, any further bbcodes within the post text are not converted to HTML. bbcode prior to the non-ASCII character are converted fine.

                    Also, if the user has a non-ASCII character in their signature the exact same thing happens. bbcodes within the signature prior to the non-ASCII character are converted correctly to HTML. bbcodes after the non-ASCII character are left as square bracketed bbcodes.

                    Same thing with PM's.

                    This points towards the bbcode parser aborting when it hits a non-ASCII character.

                    This occurs with default templates and plug-in's switched off via the "define('DISABLE_HOOKS', true);" hard-switch in config.php.

                    What could be causing the parser to stop converting bbcode to HTML when it hits a non-ASCII character?


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                      Probably something to do with the character encoding which is why I linked that thread before. That is the only possible explanation I can think of.


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