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Fatal Error when trying to log out

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  • Fatal Error when trying to log out

    Every time I try to log out I recieve this message.
    Fatal error: Please check the $bitfields array in the vB_DataManager_Moderator class definition - $vbulletin->bf_misc_moderatorpermissions2 is not a valid bitfield.
     in [path]\includes\class_dm.php on line 192
    #0 vb_error_handler(256, Please check the $bitfields array in the vB_DataManager_Moderator class definition - $vbulletin->bf_misc_moderatorpermissions2 is not a valid bitfield.
    When searching around I noticed that there were a few others experiencing the same thing but through different actions. For me it's by trying to logout.

    It does log me out, but every time I press the log out link I come to this page what that error message ontop and then.. Well, it looks like a mess of codes, here is some of them just so that you get an idea.
    www\forum\includes\class_dm.php, 192, Array ([this] => vB_DataManager_Moderator Object ([validfields] => Array ([moderatorid] => Array ([0] => 3,[1] => 3,[2] => _-_mEtHoD_-_,[3] => verify_nonzero),[userid] => Array ([0] => 3,[1] => 1,[2] => _-_mEtHoD_-_),[forumid] => Array ([0] => 2,[1] => 1,[2] => _-_mEtHoD_-_),[permissions] => Array ([0] => 101,[1] => 1,[2] =>...
    This is my first vBulletin installation, no upgrades or whatever. The version is 7.3.7 PL1 (or something like that).

    Also, I have done a few modifications to the themes and some plugins are installed.

    The weird thing is, it all worked fine until I installed the hide hack, don't know if that could have trigged anything, but I uninstalled it, redownloaded the vBulletin package and overwrited my old ones but the error message still remains everytime I try to log out.

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    To attempt to fix that I recommend:

    1) Upload all of the original files for your version (images are optional), including the includes/xml folder. And be sure to remove any third party files from the includes/xml folder.

    2) Rebuild your bitfields. Upload the original includes/xml directory from the zip file. Then go into the do_not_upload folder in the zip file and upload the tools.php file to your install directory. Run the tools.php file from your browser and select the options to rebuild the bitfields. Delete the tools file when done.


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