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    I can't get Image Verification to work.
    I have, in Image Verfication Options, checked Image Verification and GD.
    I have asked my server, HostPapa, to recompile PHP with FreeType 2 support as per instructions but they tell me that FreeType is already installed on all their servers.
    Help would be greatly appreciated as I am overwhelmed with unwanted registrations to my Forums.
    Thank you,

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    The image library seems to be working fine:

    What is the problem you are having with the image verification? Are you getting any specific errors?


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      Sorry Jake - had to re-register to be able to reply, no idea why.

      The problem I have with captcha is that although I have it checked in Admin new registrations it does not appear when new people register.
      They simply get passed on for approval.


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        Make sure image verification is enabled:

        Admin CP -> vBulletin Options -> Human Verification Manager (on the left, not the right)

        Admin CP -> vBulletin Options -> Human Verification Options

        Make sure the image displays successfully on this page.

        Or it might be a style problem. Try to reproduce it on a default style:

        Admin CP -> Styles & Templates -> Style Manager -> [Add New Style]

        Create a new style with no parent. Then click that style's name in the Style Manager to view your forum with that style. If the problem goes away on the default style then you know it's a style problem at which point you need to systematically revert your custom templates to isolate the problem.


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          Thanks for this Jake but I'm afraid the answer is far more complicated than the question.
          There is an assumption that your customers are far more computer literate than I fear a lot of us actually are, what I seek is assistance that is within my understanding, the last paragraph of your reply is totally baffling.

          Jake, you know my limitations because I have paid you to update my databases for me.

          All rather disappointing, I think I am a good customer and deserve a little more understanding than this.



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            Jake's last paragraph is very specific and clear. What part don't you understand?
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              My apologies to Jake, I replied in frustration and haste, when will I learn.

              Jakes reply is obviously what I need to do, the problem is that I have trouble with the terminology - sorry Jake.

              I have created a new style, with no parent and clicked on that new style.
              I then registered a new user but that registration went straight through for approval.
              I did the same thing after clicking default style but still no captcha option.



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                I don't know why else it wouldn't be working. We have gone through everything. Maybe there is some other customization causing problems. Try disabling your plugins:

                Admin CP -> vBulletin Options -> Plugin/Hook System

                Also run a file check to look for customized files. Upload the original files if any problems are reported:

                Admin CP -> Maintenance -> Diagnostics -> Suspect File Versions

                Otherwise if you still have problems then submit a trouble ticket and we will take a look:



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                  I took a look at the site and didn't see any captcha on the registration form and on the contract form where the captcha is suppose to be I found this:

                  Invalid public key. Make sure you copy and pasted it correctly.

                  No captcha just this error message.

                  The registration form has no captcha in either of his styles, default or custom.

                  I am wondering if this is a 3.6.x site upgrade?


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                    Disabled Plugin/Hook Systems - made no difference.

                    Suspect File Versions:-

                    ImpExConfig.php - File not recognised as part of vBulletin
                    cpnav_impex.xml - File not recognised as part of vBulletin



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                      Please submit a ticket then we can look into this. Please include AdminCP, FTP and phpmyadmin details in the sensitive information field as well as a description of the problem and a link back to this thread.
                      Kerry-Anne :)

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