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after upgrade from 3.7.2 to 3.7.3 got this error

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  • after upgrade from 3.7.2 to 3.7.3 got this error

    Hi, after upgrade from 3.7.2 to 3.7.3 got this error, this error from the search, New Post etc. accept Advanced Search

    Database error in vBulletin 3.7.3:

    Invalid SQL:

    thread.threadid, thread.threadid AS postid, thread.title AS threadtitle, thread.iconid AS threadiconid, thread.dateline, thread.forumid,
    thread.sticky, thread.prefixid, thread.taglist, thread.pollid,, thread.lastpost AS postdateline, thread.visible,
    thread.hiddencount, thread.deletedcount, thread.attach, thread.postusername, thread.forumid,

    replycount, IF(views<=replycount, replycount+1, views) AS views,
    thread.lastpost, thread.lastposter, thread.lastpostid
    deletionlog.userid AS del_userid, deletionlog.username AS del_username, deletionlog.reason AS del_reason,
    user.userid AS postuserid
    , NOT ISNULL(subscribethread.subscribethreadid) AS issubscribed

    , attachment.thumbnail_filesize AS thumbsize , MIN(attachment.attachmentid) AS attachmentid
    FROM vbb_thread AS thread
    LEFT JOIN vbb_user AS user ON(user.userid = thread.postuserid)

    LEFT JOIN vbb_deletionlog AS deletionlog ON(thread.threadid = deletionlog.primaryid AND deletionlog.type = 'thread')

    LEFT JOIN vbb_subscribethread AS subscribethread
    ON(subscribethread.threadid = thread.threadid AND subscribethread.userid = 2 AND canview = 1)

    LEFT JOIN vbb_attachment as attachment ON(attachment.postid = thread.firstpostid AND (attachment.extension = 'jpg' OR attachment.extension = 'gif' OR attachment.extension = 'png'))
    WHERE thread.threadid IN
    (877, 874, 882, 887, 536, 885, 886, 883, 696, 131, 863, 884, 875, 881, 880, 879, 878, 860, 876, 873, 872, 871, 821, 826, 866);

    MySQL Error : Mixing of GROUP columns (MIN(),MAX(),COUNT(),...) with no GROUP columns is illegal if there is no GROUP BY clause
    Error Number : 1140

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    Could you tell us what you were doing, what the full error is (including, which referral page and what script was executed)

    Could you go to diagnostics from the maintenance in the admincp and run file suspect to see if any old 3.7.2 weren't overwritten?

    Turn off the hook system and see if this fixed it, if not, perhaps you found a bug in 3.7.3 - unless we can identify this is caused by something else.


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      okie here is the link for the New Post <a accesskey="2" href="search.php?do=getnew">New Posts</a>

      but after i click on it the bar result link like this >> search.php?searchid=2437 its 2437 is the post id ? my board not even that much of post, my board is less than 2000 post


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        No, that is the temporary generated search id.


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