How do compare template changes with original?

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  • aciurczak
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    • May 2005
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    How do compare template changes with original?

    Whenever I complete an upgrade, there is a handy message at the top of the admnicp that says X templates are out-of-date, and I need to click on them to see the changes from the existing to the current versions. a new page pops up that lets me put the existing and new templates side by side on the screen, and highlights very clearly (with different colors) which portions are different between the two versions.

    Works great, and is incredibly useful on upgrades. So my question is, how do I get to that screen afterwards?

    I now have 10 - 15 modified templates, and I want to see how different they are from the original. I can go into Style Manager and click "view original", but that just pops up the original, it doesn't compare them to the modified template, and I'd have to go line by line myself anyway.

    Thanks for any suggestions. / /
  • Lynne
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    • Oct 2004
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    You click on View History when you are in the template. Then you get a screen that allows you to select two versions of the template (usually your current and the default, but if you saved any previous versions then that is an option also) and then hit Compare.

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    • aciurczak
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      • May 2005
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      • 3.8.x

      Yup, that's exactly what I was looking for. Not sure how I missed it before! Thanks again. It allowed me to clean up (and/or revert) quite a few templates that remained customized for no good reason. Should make upgrades a bit easier... / /


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