firefox/safari=no forum IE = works fine ??

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  • Swiper the Fox
    • Dec 2007
    • 90
    • 3.6.x

    firefox/safari=no forum IE = works fine ??

    Someone on our forum is reporting inability to see any forums on main page.

    Blank white page is all they see

    Mac OS using firefox / or safari

    IE works perfectly fine

    any ideas what they'd need to get this working correctly ?
    some addon or ...

    I found a page to troubleshoot issue finally........
    pls disregard post unless I still have problem after going through the stuff
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  • Swiper the Fox
    • Dec 2007
    • 90
    • 3.6.x

    Well, issue still persists on MAC OS user
    tried the " white /blank pages " troubleshooting and still they have nothing

    They are going to look at scripts on their end / and other browser related things.

    Anyone have any possible idea(s) ?


    • Steve Machol
      Former Customer Support Manager
      • Jul 2000
      • 154488

      To troubleshoot this, first reupload all the original vB non-image files (except install.php). Make sure you upload these in ASCII format and overwrite the ones on the server. Also be sure to upload the admincp files to whichever directory you have set in your config.php file. Then run 'Suspect File Versions' in Diagnostics to make sure you have all the original files for your version and that none show 'File does not contain expected contents':

      Admin CP -> Maintenance -> Diagnostics -> Suspect File Versions

      [Note: In some cases you may also need to remove any of the listed .xml files in the includes/xml directory.]

      Next, disable all plugins.

      Note: To temporarily disable the plugin system, edit config.php and add this line right under <?php

      define('DISABLE_HOOKS', true);

      Then if you still have this problem, create a new style and choose no parent style. This will force it to use the default templates. Finally empty your browser cache, close all browser windows then try again. Make sure you change to the new style and view your forums with it. Do you have the same problem?
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      • Swiper the Fox
        • Dec 2007
        • 90
        • 3.6.x

        Thanks for the reply !!

        The affected user is not wanting to troubleshoot issue with us any longer. He is choosing to just use a regular windows Pc when coming to our all good for now



        • DaffyDilly
          New Member
          • Jul 2008
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          • 3.7.x

          Yes, we've run into this problem too. My site doesn't load using Firefox. One of my users mentioned it. I have Firefox 2 on my computer (but I don't use it), so I checked it out and the Forum is not loading right. Unusuable.

          Since I'm not the only one here in these forums who has noticed this, recently, maybe there's a problem with vBulletin?

          Most of my users are women with no computer knowledge, so they're using IE. Since we're ok with that browser I'm going to leave things as they are for the moment. I don't have time this week to test out the problem.
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          • Swiper the Fox
            • Dec 2007
            • 90
            • 3.6.x

            i've just installed Firefox 3.0.1
            I don't get an option to login

            All I get is a GO BACK button and --> under it
            this is where the Notices would be displayed with option to login

            along with this
            if a user of firefox is able to get logged in to the site ( cookies imported from IE when installed FF ) it would appear that all text on the pages want to be centered
            make the forum look rather silly....

            anyone know a fix for uncentering text in FF browser ?
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            • Lynne
              Former vBulletin Support
              • Oct 2004
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              Those of you having problems, have you run your site through and html validator to see if the style validates?
              To validate pages as a logged in user, you may have to save the source code as a file and use the 2nd tab - Validate by File Upload

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              If I post CSS and you don't know where it goes, throw it into the additional.css template.

              W3Schools &lt;- awesome site for html/css help


              • Swiper the Fox
                • Dec 2007
                • 90
                • 3.6.x

                I would also like to point out
                Default VB skin works no problem

                The problem I am having, seems to be occuring somewhere within the custom skin we have loaded.

                My question would be: what would I look for with regards to keeping text to the left instead of centered ( like FF 3.0.1 does )

                Categories are centered in FF
                whats goin on
                who's online are centered in FF

                Everything else, appears normal ( except, login page is non-existant in FF )

                anyone have any ideas what I would need to look for in skin to correct this ?


                • briansol
                  Senior Member
                  • Apr 2006
                  • 674
                  • 3.6.x

                  You should go back to your designer on it. No one but him/her will know how to fix your custom code.

                  Obviously, if the default style works and your custom one doesn't, who ever built the custom style didn't code it right.


                  • Swiper the Fox
                    • Dec 2007
                    • 90
                    • 3.6.x

                    After some more digging around, I narrowed it down to some bad piece of code in the Header section

                    removed it and all is well again
                    with both login page and the centering of the categories

                    Now, if I can just figure out why a flash plug-in shows blank/white images in FF, i'll be laughing !!


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