Placing Image in Thread Prefix

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  • chri
    • Jan 2008
    • 33
    • 3.6.x

    Placing Image in Thread Prefix

    I'm wondering how to place a image in the Thread Prefix. What's the html code and the right path do I need to get this right. I haven't done HTML for a long time
  • Wayne Luke
    vBulletin Technical Support Lead
    • Aug 2000
    • 73441
    • 6.0.X

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    Should probably put the images in your image directory on your server. The path would depend on your vBulletin installation.
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    Wayne Luke
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    • lazyindian
      New Member
      • Sep 2006
      • 28
      • 3.6.x

      did u try using something like
      HTML Code:
      <img src="prefix_image.gif" height="20">
      in the prefixes?


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