Legend isn't going away

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  • MoparScapePwns
    New Member
    • Mar 2008
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    • 3.6.x

    Legend isn't going away

    Well on my new forums I used an old database but this user legend won't go away I uninstalled every mod I checked every setting I even looked through the code the current HTML Markup is way different and its different user groups also! it just wont go away!
  • Jake Bunce
    Senior Member
    • Dec 2000
    • 46598
    • 3.6.x

    What legend exactly? Can you post a picture or URL showing it?


    • Lynne
      Former vBulletin Support
      • Oct 2004
      • 26255

      Perhaps the modification had you change a phrase and you haven't changed it back to default? You should go find the modification and look at the install instructions and then undo everything it had you do.

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