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    Hey guyz,

    I've got a category only open to a specific usergroup, and for some reason all new threads and posts in this forum require moderation.

    There are no moderation requirements for that particular forum, all I can think of is the forum layout.

    Admin/Mods (Category) - Admin/Mods/Development U/G Only
    Admin (Forum - Admin U/G Only)
    Moderators (Forum - Admin/Mods U/G Only)
    Development Team (Forum - Development Team U/G Only)

    Would that have anything to do with it?

    I don't understand why. only 1 member has been posting in there, but they are in the devleopment team U/G, why would it be going to post/thread moderation?

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    Check the forum permissions and make sure that "Follow Forum Moderation Rules" is set to Yes. Check the forum in Forum Manager and make sure that the options to moderate new posts and new threads are set to no.
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      thanks mate, follow forum moderation rules was set to no