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  • Neetoman
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    • Feb 2008
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    Creating a duplicate of site?

    I am wanting to know if it is possible to take one site and duplicate it on a separate domain, and if it is possible what is the best way to do it.

    Basically the site I want to create a copy of has all the modifications I want done already. So I want to copy (via FTP upload) it on another domain and just make some changes to the logo, colors... etc.

    Since it is going to be a completely separate site I plan on deleting all the threads from the duplicated version and creating new topics, etc.

    One of the main mods that is already installed on the version I want to copy from is the SEO mod. I know I will have to obtain a separate license, etc... but is this even possible? Should I even think about doing it this way?

    I guess I would need to make a backup of the database and then upload it to the new sites hosting...

    Would it just be better for me to create a new database, install everything from scratch, and make the additional modifications I need done all over again?
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  • Wayne Luke
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    You would basically have to use the same instructions as moving a site from one server to another:

    Note that this requires having telnet or SSH access to both servers. If you do not have SSH/Telnet the backup can be created using either phpMyAdmin or through the backup feature in the Admin Control Panel. If your forum is very large, these methods may be unreliable and you may have to get your hosting company to perform the backup for you.
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