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  • dxflw
    Senior Member
    • Jun 2008
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    Problem with [IMG] code

    If i post a picture and the site is on english language,then i can the [IMG] code on the text editor.
    But if i change the language in Greeks then if i post a picture they show me the picture direct on text editor.(without to show the bbcode text [IMG][/IMG])

    How i add a picture: I click on the image icon (The [IMG]bbcode in text editor) then i give the link and i click ok
    and then its shows like this examples:

    1)On english laguage posting picture shows like that:

    2)On greek laguage posting picture shows like that:

    straight showing the picture - without showing the bbcode text [IMG]
    The problem is when i use the text editor on greek language it complicates you processed your message because if it shows the picture straight then it takes a lot space.
  • Jake Bunce
    Senior Member
    • Dec 2000
    • 46598
    • 3.6.x

    That sounds like a difference in your message editor. That is a user preference:

    User CP -> Edit Options -> Message Editor Interface


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