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  • config.php

    where do i find this?

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    If you already have vB installed, it's in the includes directory.
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      thanx but where is the includes directory cause i cant excute sql quires and i dont know why


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        Includes is in your forum root folder.


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          ^thanx where is forums root folder? cant people be more specific, **** sake.


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            We really can't, we don't know what software your host has, or what the path to your file is.

            You had to edit the config.php file before you installed the software, and its in your forumfolder/includes.

            I'm going to go out on a limb and guess you have cpanel, and since your forums are in the root of your site, via your ftp it will be public_html/includes/config.php

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              Normally public_html or www is your websites root folder.
              The forum root is the place you have upladed the vb files. It may be your sites root folder or may be in a sub directory (or folder) based on the way you have configured (/uploaded)your board.


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                thanx when i try to edit the special users id for run quiries i get this error

                open config.php failed: Permission denied at line 623
                Carp::croak('open config.php failed: Permission denied') called at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/ line 1262
                Cpanel::Fileman::fmsavefile('%2fhome%2fmakaveli%2fpublic_html%2fincludes', 'config.php', '<?php^M^J/*=======================================================...', 1, 1) called at line 623
                main::__ANON__('%2fhome%2fmakaveli%2fpublic_html%2fincludes', 'config.php', '<?php^M^J/*=======================================================...', 1, 1) called at line 1779
                main::exectag('<cpanel Fileman="fmsavefile($FORM{\'dir\'},$FORM{\'file\'},$FORM...') called at line 4809
                main::dotag(undef) called at line 4676
                main::cpanel_parseblock('SCALAR(0x9114234)') called at line 4628
                main::cpanel_parse('GLOB(0x93a6170)') called at line 1311



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                  I am not sure from where you are trying to edit the config file.
                  The simplest way is to edit the file in your local computer and upload it to the server.


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