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Oldest and News posts fault, possibly.

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  • Oldest and News posts fault, possibly.


    One of my members' just reported the following problem. I'm unable to figure what it could be.

    On posting a reply or new thread it takes me back to the oldest post in the thread more often than the newest. my selected options are newest first.
    He says this happens with both Firefox and IE7. I only have a few hacks, and I can't really see any of them messing with the old & new posts option.

    Any ideas?

    -- Jason
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    Which link is he clicking? There are different links which can anchor you in different parts of the thread. For example, clicking the last post image () in the Last Post column will take you directly to the last post in the thread. Just clicking on the title of the thread on the forumdisplay page will take you to the first page of the thread which can show either the newest or oldest posts depending on their user preference.


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      Here's what he said:

      eg: when i get e-mail it now takes me to the newest post. when i reply to a post by clicking "post reply" above the post i get the editor. on completion of my reply i select "submit reply" it returns me to the oldest post.
      -- Jason


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        That's not right. It should take him to the post he just made.

        Are you able to reproduce the problem yourself? It might be a client problem.


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          I've just made a post using the settings Newest First and it never used AJAX quick reply, it just took me to the last post of the thred, which was quite a few pages back. Very strange.


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            This is just a test post to see if I can reproduce the problem here.....

            EDIT: Doesn't happen here.... I wonder what the problem could be. Let me try disabling the plugin/hook system. Seemed to do the trick. I'll have to find the problematic one tomorrow. Strange tho', as not any of the hacks I have should mess with the Newest Posts.

            For the /install directory, I have: File version mismatch: found 3.7.2, expected 3.7.2 Patch Level 1. This wouldn't be a problem, would it? Just thought I'd ask anyway.
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              That is normal if you patched 3.7.2.
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                Found the problematic hack... going look at fixing it. Thanks for your help!