Two Paid Subscriptions Pruchased?

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  • GetWebHost
    New Member
    • Mar 2008
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    • 3.8.x

    Two Paid Subscriptions Pruchased?

    I'm a newbie to this Paid Subscription thing and I've a lot of questions about it. But first, I would like to ask what happened if two paid subscriptions were purchase by the user.

    Here's the situation:

    Paid Subscription Package 1 => 3 Months > Promote To ABC Usergroup
    Paid Subscription Package 2 => 6 Months > Promote To ABC Usergroup

    What will happened if the user have already bought Package 1 and then he buy again Package 2? Will the timeframe for Package 2 be just added to Package 1 or it just create its own timeframe to expire in its own?
  • Glathannus
    New Member
    • Mar 2007
    • 25
    • 3.6.x

    The 6 months of Package 2, will get automatically tacked onto the end of whenever package 1 would have originally expired - if it has not expired already. I've seen this happen. Someone could even purchase multiple Package 1s or multiple Package 2s before anything has expired.


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