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Bringing Notices into focus?

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  • Bringing Notices into focus?

    I was just wondering if there were a way to make forum Notices more, well, noticeable when they appear? For instance, I've got a Notice that informs folks of their "promotion" that occurs after they make a certain number of posts; however, when you submit a post your browser remains focused on that last post in the thread, such that the Notice might not even be visible if the thread is at all long. I'd like to use non-persistent notices to keep them from being too annoying, but the way things are now they're easily overlooked.

    To address this I was wondering if there were a way to "force" a person's browser to go to the top of the page when a notice shows up, or else perhaps to "float" that notice (which would then obviously also need to be dismissible) on top of the page somewhat like a Lytebox does? Alternatively, has anyone come up with other satisfactory ways of drawing attention to forum notices?
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    You can use any amount of HTML in your notices to make them pull the eye to them. This includes colors and images.
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      Thank you, I did see that but I appreciate the reminder. However, the problem I'm having is that when folks post to a thread of any decent length, the top of the page - including the Notice - doesn't immediately show up since the user is automatically taken to the bottom of the thread after submitting a post. The nav bar and Notice are both scrolled off of the top of the page, if that makes any sense - and in such a situation I don't think it really matters if the Notice is bright or graphics-intensive, because it won't be visible on the screen regardless unless the user happens to scroll up there on their own first.

      I realize that I could address this by simply making the Notice persistent such that a user is bound to see it eventually, but I'd really rather not if I can avoid it. I could be wrong, but imo it seems less annoying to simply bring the Notice into "focus" somehow, since this would occur only once when the user has reached the posting milestone that triggered the notice in the first place. I realize you can have clickable links that'll let you "jump" to a particular anchor on a given page, so I guess what I'm wondering is if there's a way to achieve a similar result where the "trigger" is the displaying of a Notice rather than a link being clicked on?


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