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Secondary Group permission doesn't override primary

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  • Secondary Group permission doesn't override primary

    I've reviewed all the settings; but it appears as though the Signature Permissions of a Secondary Usergroup isn't overriding the Primary Usergroup settings.

    Things to note:
    Primary Group DOES have "Allow Users to have Member Groups" set to "Yes"

    The test case I used was:

    Primary Group set to Registered:
    Signature Permissions "Allow Font BB Code" = NO

    Secondary Group set to Test:
    Signature Permissions "Alloew Font BB Code" = YES

    In the "Edit Signature" page, the setting at the bottom of the page reads:
    Allow Font BB Code No

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    Well, it seems that the "Can Use Signatures" settings doesn't inherit the primary usergroup setting. Is this intended? or a bug?

    If it's intended is there a way you can denote which usergroup settings DO NOT inherit permissions from the primary usergroup? Thanks!


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      I'm not sure I really follow you but maybe you mean this....

      In the user profile in the admin cp the options are:

      Primary Usergroup - DROP DOWN
      Display Usergroup - DROP DOWN
      Additional Usergroups - RADIO BUTTONS

      If you set the DISPLAY USERGROUP as the SECONDARY GROUP then this will overwrite anything different from the PRIMARY USERGROUP.

      For Example:

      PRIMARY GROUP - Registered User - Users Rank Title is Blue

      SECONDARY GROUP - Advanced User - Users Rank Title is Red

      Primary Usergroup - Registered User
      Display Usergroup - Advanced User
      Additional Usergroups - Advanced User

      This members user rank title will now be RED.


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        This was specific to features that had a "can use" at the top of the permissions blocks; like in the Signature Permissions, if the "Can Use Signatures" is set to no in the secondary usergroup ...then ALL additional settings in the signature permissions do not override the primary. I just wasn't aware of this because there was no comment noting that "Can Use Signatures" had to be set in a secondary user group if it was already set in the primary usergroup to yes.

        All I want it for permissions to have some kind of notation (bold?) that made it clear it would not inherit from the primary.


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          All yes's override all no's
          It is a banned usergroup, then the opposite is true
          The base usergroup is not allowed to have secondary usergroups. No permissions from the secondary usergroup will be inheirted.

          Fruther, it does not matter what display group is selected, seoncdary usergroup permissions that are greater or a yes will always override a no.


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