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  • Some Users are experiencing Automatic Refresh

    Hello! I just completed switching from phpbb3 to VB 3.7.2 & customizing everything. So far so good.. however, I've received a couple emails (not too bad out of 4,000 or so) that complain the page automatically refreshes just as it finishes loading.

    It sounds like a cookie error, but I don't seem to have it on my end on any of my computers (I've tried 3 different computers, and 2 different internet connections -dsl & dial up) to attempt to replicate the issue before whining about it here. lol

    Anyone experienced this before?

    Thank you,


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    Never heard of that before. If you cannot duplicate this then I believe this is something on the user end.
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      Thank you, she can view them without issue once she has logged in. She said she was using mozilla (which has an automatic refresh setting) and no one else is having the same issue.

      :-) Love how VB works, wish I'd have spent the money & gotten away from phpbb LONNNNNG time ago.


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        Spoke too soon- Issue Unresolved

        It looks like I may have spoken too soon, I am now getting several other members who are experiencing the very same issue.

        link to view issue

        I'm not seeing it on my end! Is is possible their browsers are reloading the cached version of the old forum boards?? Perhaps?


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          Try making a default style without the customized code (no ads) and see if the same problems happen.


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            I'm still not able to duplicate the error, on a new design without ads, nor with the new ads. Did you see the same error that they reported??


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              No, ask the users though if they see the same issue on the default style.


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                Anyone experienced this before?
                Yes, I am.

                I have 2 systems and on one of the systems, the vB pages (or admin screen) get refreshed automatically.

                And it happens in Firefox browser.

                I am using default vB skin with no Add-Ons and no Ads.

                As of now, I believe it has something to with Firefox, but not sure.


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                  3.7.2 PL1 -Same exact problem. Some members are experiencing constant page refreshes. From what I have seen it is mostly affecting IE users.

                  I created a new default style as you suggested. I pointed a few users who were having the problem to the test style. They said the problem was still there.


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                    Ok, more details... I cannot duplicate the refresh in IE or FF, but I was able to pull up the attached error messages in IE. I commented out line 2 and the errors disappeared. I'm not sure what that line controls, so I put it back before my users had a chance to test it.
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                      I just check your site in both latest versions of IE and FF, and didn't notice any refreshes or errors like you showed. FF did report a bunch of CSS errors but nothing that would cause a refresh.


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                        Originally posted by DoE View Post
                        I just check your site in both latest versions of IE and FF, and didn't notice any refreshes or errors like you showed. FF did report a bunch of CSS errors but nothing that would cause a refresh.
                        Yep, it's only happening to certain users. Default style fixed nothing.


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                          Could someone tell me what this does?

                          <html xmlns="" dir="$stylevar[textdirection]" lang="$stylevar[languagecode]">
                          Will the board still function properly if I remove it? I would like to see if that's what's causing the refresh, as that's what's causing the error messages in IE.


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                            More info:

                            It has nothing to do with your internet explorer or fire fox. My laptop i use for personal use has internet explorer on it and our bigazz home computer has fire fox, i have had the same issues on both.

                            In fact right now the little Yellow triangle with the ! in the center is being displayed in the bottom left corner next to the word Done.
                            I pushed the refresh button and now is says "Error on Page"

                            I am having the same problem. I have IE 7 with Vista and does it there and here at work I have XP pro with IE 6 and it does the exact same thing. I will sometimes even get an error that a script that was running in the background is causing IE to hang do u want to continue to run the script? I say no and then refresh the page and sometimes that works, other times the page still dosen't load correctly. And I always have the ! in the bottom left hand corner saying that the page finished but with error. Oh and I have cleared cache and cookes.
                            Same problem here. Also it errors out when trying to go back to the previous page... Kinda a pain to always jump around via the direct links at the top of the page for the forums
                            This problem has just started for me as well. Never happened yesterday while browsing the forum. I am at work and only have IE7, they won't let us install Firefox for whatever reason.

                            The page will load, look fine and say "done" and then it refreshes itself. Clicking the refresh button does not stop this from happening.

                            Edit: it only seems to have troubles with threads that have pics posted, I am not having an issue with this thread or others w/o pics


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                              From one of my moderators:
                              I found a machine that shows me the javascript error.. (id doesn't loop, it gives me the error) Its XP Pro sp2 with IE 6 sp2 and is one of the machines I use for debugging my own code.

                              On the following url: (1st page)

                              I get Invalid argument on Line 1 then the next error is document.getelementByID(...)' is null or not an object..

                              I'm still trying to make the "refresh" issue consistant on another machine. It seems to be consistant on my IE 8, but thats beta so I dont' know if that counts.