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Recurring PayPal Subscription Failing

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  • Recurring PayPal Subscription Failing

    Since my upgrade to vB 7.x (from 3.6.8 PL1) on June 1st, I've had four separate instances of recurring subscriptions that have failed although funds have cleared. These recurring subscriptions have been working for several months prior without issue. Please advise.


    Originally posted by Scott MacVicar
    Please post in the troubleshooting forum or open a support ticket.

    3.7 logs many more of the PayPal callback messages. Those not handled by vBulletin are now logged and at the moment show as failures, when in fact they are for debugging purposes.
    Just an FYI, theses are not showing as "failures" in the logs. Everything appears as it should in both vB and on the PP side of things; except for the subscription being extended. Since my initial "bug" report I have three additional accounts experience this.

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    This thread has several things you can check regarding failed subscriptions:


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      The only change has been the update; will submit a trouble-ticket.


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        I am having the same trouble members keep paying but the subscription isn't updating. It is a huge problem as we have to go in and check and fix the problem every month. has anyone found a fix to this problem?