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3.7.0 deprecated "Allow Dynamic URL for [IMG] Tags"

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  • 3.7.0 deprecated "Allow Dynamic URL for [IMG] Tags"

    We just upgraded to v3.7.0 at our site and I noticed that this setting was now gone; now, with this deprecation, it seems dynamic URLs work inside the [IMG] tag natively, BUT, we've found that dynamic images no longer works for an [IMG] tag is in the signature area. Strange part is, it worked v3.6.8 in both the body and the signature area, and it only broke when upgrading to 3.7.0.

    Is this by design? We have several gamers at our forum, and they want to display dynamic banners containing server usage statistics (# of players, uptime, etc) in their signature, and some change in 3.7.0 seems to have killed this. We would love to have it working again so folks can advertise their gaming servers in their signature.

    If I can provide more details, please let me know. One of my friend's gaming sites @ is running 3.6.8 (they didn't upgrade yet) and dynamic [IMG] signatures are working for them, as it was for us. It wasn't until we upgraded to 3.7.0 @ that it broke.

    At our forum (Myunreal), only members within the "VIP" usergroup can have signature images. All of our testing was done with a user account which has "VIP" usergroup as their primary group. Here are the permissions settings for that usergroup:

    Allow Basic BB Code Yes
    Allow Color BB Code Yes
    Allow Size BB Code Yes
    Allow Font BB Code Yes
    Allow Alignment BB Code Yes
    Allow List BB Code Yes
    Allow Link BB Code Yes
    Allow HTML No
    Allow Image BB Code No
    Allow Code BB Code Yes
    Allow PHP BB Code Yes
    Allow HTML BB Code Yes
    Allow Quote BB Code No
    Allow Smilies Yes
    Can Upload Images for Signature Yes
    Can Upload Animated GIF for Signature Yes

    Is there something we can/should change to make this work? If it helps, this is the URL to the IMG being linked:

    URL contains a colon and is a PNG image.

    Here is a link to our forum (MyUnreal) with a VIP user whose signature is not working in 3.7.0:

    And here is a link to the same user at another forum whose signature is working in 3.6.8 (@ Liandri):

    As I said, this was working for us as well in 3.6.8 with no hacks that I'm aware of. I'm not aware of any hacks that the guys @ Liandri are using either. The only differences I'm aware of are them running 3.6.8, us running 3.7.0, and they allow all users to add images to signatures whereas we restrict this to a specific usergroup.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.

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      If you feel this is a bug please start a bug report.


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        I don't necessarily think it's a bug, just trying to ID if it is a bug. Have you seen anyone else report the same problem? Has the dev/debug team investigate whether this works?

        I don't want to waste y'alls time with a bug report if it's not a bug - unless that is typically the process you appreciate.


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          due to some malicious users in a game my clan plays (we use Vbulletin for the forum obviously)

          i have been advised to disable dynamic images across the board. it seems however there is no obvious way to do this?

          based on the post above. its disabled on the signatures. my tests show its disabled for "profile styling" but enabled for actual "posts"

          what confuses me. is parses a dynamic image URL in image tags as a "url" instead of an image, but also does the same for non dynamic images?

          can someone advise me on how to "allow static images" but not "dynamic images" ?


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