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Notices Manager (setup display problem)

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  • Notices Manager (setup display problem)

    OK, I was messing around with setting up a notice for a group and here is what I discovered.

    It looks like we need the ability to select more "User belongs to usergroup" and "User does not belong to usergroup" settings.

    I want to select the primary group "Registered Users" only and not the secondary groups "Member A" and "Member B" which are both secondary groups of the "Registered Users" primary group.

    Looks like I can select:
    User belongs to usergroup "Registered Users"
    User does not belong to usergroup "Member A"

    But wouldn't the notice still show to the "Member B" group in this senerio?
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    The current system only allows you to select one group for each of those conditions, so there is no way to exclude those two groups. The group criteria for notices looks like it was designed to check primary groups, not secondary groups.

    You could always manually add an annoucement to the templates using a template conditional. For example:

    <if condition="is_member_of($bbuserinfo, 2) AND !is_member_of($bbuserinfo, A, B)">
    Where the red pieces are usergroupids.


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      Thanks Bruce
      I added this as a suggestion as it would be nice maybe in an upcoming version to simply do it from the "Notices" manager.
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