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  • RSS Feed - Double posts


    My RSS Feed is creating double posts, sometimes treble posts. Why is this?

    Its taking the recent posts from a site, but cant it determine if it has already posted them or not?

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    I noticed a similiar problem and eventually tracked it down to the way RSS feeds are generated on the websites you're pulling information from. To answer your last question... yes, vBulletin DOES determine what is already posted or not, but the problem is, they're all "not posted" yet according to the RSS feed you're getting.

    Here's what's happening... the RSS feed entries are attached with a different hash (a string used to identify whether or not this particular entry have been posted), however, when the original entry is edited / updated, the feed changes the hash value (and effectively identifies it as a new entry). This actually happens quite a bit on even the most popular blogs such as TUAW, Engadget and what nots. So, while on RSS reader clients, it refreshes and updates the display with the current RSS feed data (hence removing the "dupe"), data inserted into the forum are inserted there for good -- and you'd need to manually remove them when dupes come up...
    Best Regards,
    Andy Huang


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      Ahh i see, is their a mod or function to remove identical posts that have the same name?


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