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  • language problem


    I have vb 3.6.8 forum in full arabic language. I bought the new version 3.7.0 and try to upgrade my forum.

    before that I thought its better to test it first. So I took the backup of my SQL uploaded it again with the new name then uploaded the vb3.7.0 (the one i bought) in new directory of my same website where my existing forum is at the moment and run the option upgrade.. when all the ungrading steps finished, all of my forum arabic language appears in " ? " this character..

    now in this case, what is the problem. help me please on this issue..

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    Is there nobody who can help me in this issue. some one please help me to resolve this problem..


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      i have the same problem.

      even if i use phpmyadmin all the arabic text will be like ???.

      i tried to export the data to a text file and still i have the same problem.


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        i have the same problem.


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          i have the same problem,

          i change the charset to utf-8 and to windows-1256 but still the problem.

          what i want to know is why the english language file can view the arabic letter and the arabic language file can not view the arabic letters??

          i think the problem is the windows charset while translating the english to arabic is somthing else than windows-1256 and utf-8...

          please fix it no need to change the database charset or what ever because it was work before.. the problem is in the arabic file letters charset.



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