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best way to test upgrade a decent size board?

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  • best way to test upgrade a decent size board?

    I've got a board that has been around a couple of years and has about 1.5 million posts and quite a bit of minor modifications to it.

    What would be my best approach to pulling the upgrade off with the shortest amount of downtime for users?

    One thing I was thinking would be great is if I could create a working backup in a subdirectory and do all the upgrades there and make sure everything is working and then taking the real forum offline and doing everything over again.

    Of course doing everything twice doesn't exactly get my excitement level up either.

    It'd be great if I could do the upgrade in a sub directory then merge the posts that happened while I was upgrading and then bringing the test upgrade forum back live.

    How feasible is that?

    Mainly just looking for opinions on the best approach to take to keeping the forum online as long as possible and also maintaining the current look seamlessly.

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    guess I should have searched first and asked questions later.

    Those two links should put me in the right direction.


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