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Album group phrases missing after upgrade

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  • Album group phrases missing after upgrade

    I've finally found a way to successfully upgrade to vb3.7.0 and everything looks fine except that I don't have the group phrases for albums, the phrases are there but not the Group itself. I tried to import the language from a fresh install but yet no Album Group Phrases. How can I install that group?

    Thank you!

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    How did you upgrade?


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      My first mistake before was running upgrade_370.php and I've found on the hard way that it didn't work but this process wrote to the database the last upgrade information to v3.7.

      After this I had several DB errors cause the process wasn't complete and hadn't created the correct tables. I then tried to create by hand those fields but it was too complicated. I then looked for those fields where the upgrade information was wrote 3.7.0 and changed them to 3.6.10.

      Last I runned the upgrade.php that taked me over the all process until final upgrade was successful. As you can imagine, because I had created some tables by hand before, some of the first upgrade steps resulted on DB error but as I couldn't do nothing about it I just followed to the next step.... This was the probable cause of this Album Language Group missing.

      Now my question, can I had it now?


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        That is not the right path to take. I strongly recommend to revert to the backup from before this upgrade, re-upload the files and run upgrade.php and do a proper upgrade.


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          I understand that perfectly but not being possible doing that, is there other way around?


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            Ok, I've managed to do that, I added the missing records on the phrasetype table.
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