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change vb url on site

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  • ti07shadow
    • Apr 2008
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    • 3.7.x

    change vb url on site

    ok I have my vb in my home area installed and whatnot, however I want to transfer it to where its in a folder called /forums what do I have to change that so my forum will continue running?

    What I read it basically sayss to create the folder move the stuff there then go int othe admin panel and change the url to the url basically and thats it. but I did that and everything works find but my forums images for the buttons and whatnot dont work anymore??? there all linked to the origional directory?
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  • Floris
    Senior Member
    • Dec 2001
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    Change the admincp site url details first, then manually move the files to the sub dir.

    And you should be done.

    Don't forget to update the members' area here to the new location.

    If images are linked to the old dir then they are hard coded with the full url instead of images/* go to your stylevars in the style manager and make sure they're set right, or the smilies manager, icon manager, etc.


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