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Attachment and lightbox questions

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  • Floris
    You can not bulk upload images, it's not a gallery script.

    You can however increase the amount of input fields on the attachment manager page, so users can select up to 10 images and upload those in a go.

    There are no lightbox controls.

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  • setishock
    started a topic Attachment and lightbox questions

    Attachment and lightbox questions

    Is there a way to bulk upload attachments? In this case images.
    Where are the lightbox controls? Forward and back for multiple attachment images in one post.

    My forum suffered a major crash and everything was lost. Don't have a clue what happened. I would venture insessant tinkering. LOL. Live and learn. None of the backup files survived either.
    But I'm having to upload all my pics again and average amount per folder on my computer is 125 images. Browse, click, upload for the attachment images and the same for the albums is way too cumbersome and slow.
    The lightbox was on by default in the 3.7 gold version so I just had to scope it out. Nice. But it's a one at a time static display.

    I'm not a coder so if the answers to my questions require me to edit this and tweak that I guess I'm just out of luck.

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