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Upgraded from 3.6.8 patch 2 to 3.7.0 and now Thumbnails won't work

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  • Upgraded from 3.6.8 patch 2 to 3.7.0 and now Thumbnails won't work

    The image upload works, but instead of a thumbnail I get a link. I already tried rebuilding all thumbnails again in the maintenance section, and I also checked the path to my images stored outside of SQL and that path is also correct.

    This is the message I am getting

    "Thumbnail creation failed due to inability to obtain image size. "

    This message comes up in the MANAGE ATTACHMENTS window right after I click to upload the image.

    Any ideas? Yes, I have also reverted all templates. In turn, my image verification is also not working.

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    anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Sorry to bump this but I have waited over 8 hours and I need to get this working ASAP. Thanks!


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      This feature requires that either your PHP be installed with full GD support or that your server is running ImageMagick version 6 or higher and you are using the correct path to this in the Image Settings. If neither one of these is installed correctly, then you will not be able to use the Image Verification function.

      Check to make sure your PHP is compiled with GD or that your server has ImageMagick installed and configured:

      Admin CP -> vBulletin Options -> Image Settings

      If these are installed you will see images for them. If there are no images there, these are either not installed or you have the wrong path for IM.

      Once you have fixed this, try rebuilding thumbnails again.
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        Where is the rebuild thumbnails option? I upgraded from 2.3.0 to 3.7, and now all of the images that once were included in the posts have turned into file icons. I'm assuming I need to turn them into thumbnails somehow...?


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          AdminCP > Maintaince > Update Counters > Rebuild Thumbnails


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            Yeah, that's precisely where I expected it would be, but it isn't there on my version!

            As we've discussed in a support issue and elsewhere, I upgraded an old 2.3.0 board to 3.7, and had numerous database issues while performing the update. As a result, I had an "extra" GD setting in General Settings, and now, it appears I have no "rebuild thumbnails" option - unless this is controlled by something else.
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              You clicked on the update counters link, and did not see Rebuild Attachment Thumbnails


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                Ah, I see - my bad, sorry. Thanks.


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                  Just wanted to update this in case someone else runs into this problem. I tried everything I could and I could not get ImageMagick to work no matter what. I know that it is installed properly because my gallery works fine with it in creating thumbs and processing images.

                  I switched to GD under VBulletin Options > Image Settings and that worked. I still don't get why it won't work with ImageMagic (the path is correct, I have the same path to IM under my photopost library and it works fine). Anyways, I'll stick to GD for now.
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                    Your Imagemagick might be out of date.


                    There is something wrong with IM or the server.


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