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Border inside the textarea of the WYSIWYG editor?

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  • Border inside the textarea of the WYSIWYG editor?

    Does anyone know how I change the border inside the textarea of the wysiwyg editor?

    The black color is annoying. I've tried all vbulletin_editor.css settings and I've tried to make my own custom css class in the style section. Nothing seems to help

    The funny thing is when I added the custom class to the style manager, the custom borders appeared for a second while the page was loading, but the setting seem to be overridden by some other default WYSIWYG class somewhere. As soon as the page is fully loaded that horrible black/grey border shows up again.

    If anyone knows, please let me know.

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    I am guessing you need to modify this class:

    Admin CP -> Styles & Templates -> Style Manager -> Main CSS (in the menu) -> WYSIWYG Editor

    But I don't have specific markup code. You can add any CSS attributes in the Extra CSS Attributes box.


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      thanks Jake. I tried a simple border 1px solid #000; style, but that put a border inside the text area. It didn't change the border I'm aiming at. If anyone here knows the specific markup code to change the border color / width please let me know.



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        It is hardcoded into vbulletin_textedit.js (there are two instances of it).


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