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  • Login issue

    After i login to my forum, nothing happen. It redirect me back to the index page -.- but after logging in to admin panel, im able to login to main forum.

    Also i can't delete any threads, posts, etc. It says "Invalid Action Specified".

    Help please


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    Is there a difference if you tick off the Remember me box or is it the same? Have you disabled cookies in your browser for the forum URL?
    Toddler from Hell


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      Hmm, well, i tried that but only if only i log out from my acc then login again, with remember me box enable or disable, i able to login, but i log out again, go to my main page, try to login and nothing happen.


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        I don't know how detailed your access is, so bear with me if some of these questions seem silly.
        Did you setup PHP yourself? If yes, check your PHP.ini for the session details, it may be set incorrectly.
        Also check your Cookies and HTTP Header Options under vBulletin options to make sure that your cookie settings are correct.
        Toddler from Hell


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          Admin Control Panel > vBulletin Options > vBulletin Options > Site Name / URL / Contact Details
          Forum URL
          This is the URL to your vBulletin forum, without the final "/" or "index.php". Examples of correct URLs:

          Examples of incorrect URLs:

 (should not have final slash)
 (should not have final slash or index.php)
          It is very possible that you have corrupted cookie(s), which you can easily manually delete them from any browser.

          You can Reset 'Path to Save Cookies' and Reset 'Cookie Domain' by uploading tools.php to admincp directory from your "do_not_upload" folder. (delete tools.php right away whan done)


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            1. No
            2. Doesn't work


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              still doesnt work >.<


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                Do you have this problem on a default unmodified vBulletin style and can you disable all modifications by using method below. I hate to tell you to reup files, as I seen from another issue that you might of already done this.

                To disable the plugin/hook system completely without accessing the Admin CP options, you need to edit includes/config.php and add the following code after <?php on the next new line:
                define('DISABLE_HOOKS', true);
                You will then need to move all custom .xml files from folder includes/xml/


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                  Hmm it seems one of the plug-in causes the problem


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                    Ok, sorry for double posting

                    It seems that my .htaccess for vbseo messed up. I fix it now xD


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                      Just report it to author and wait till it is fix or just properly uninstall it if can not be fix. Meh!... just read your second post and you have resolved the issue.


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                        thanks though, and thanks Fusion for your response


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                          No problem, glad you got it sorted.
                          Toddler from Hell


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