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  • Attachment error


    I seriously dont understand this error. It goes like this:

    I want to move the attachments from the database to the file system. So I make a directory under my forum which has a path like this: /forum/attach

    Then I go into SSH and make it read and writeable, doing a CHMOD 777 /forum/attach

    When I go into admin and want to have vBulletin change the storage type, I get an error saying it cant write into this directory, even though I followed the correct steps.

    Anyone have any solution to this?

    Thanks in advance

    With regards
    Tommy Fjellengen Vedal

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    mkdir /forum/attach will create a directory and subdir from the root up.

    make sure you're inside your forum, for example with : cd public_html/forum/
    and then mkdir attach (should already exist)

    and then : chmod 777 attach

    Make sure you dont run in open_basedir on or safe_mode on.


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      thats what i did, and it doesn't work.

      The /attach directory has been CHMOD'ed to 777..

      When in admin, I write /attach as the directory, and I also tried with /forum/attach and none works. I just dont understand, as I have done this before without any issues. There is a first time for everything I guess.

      I am guessing I have to do a ticket for this one, so you can take a look.


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        ROFL... nevermind me at all...

        The solution was so simple its almost insane... I wondered what I did wrong, and all I had to do was eliminate the / in the directory. It only works when writing the attachment directory by itself without the / in front or back.

        Wondering how I could have missed that.

        Thanks for all help

        Much appreciated.


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          doesn't it require the full path?

          /home/userx/public_html/forum/attach ?


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            Originally posted by Floris View Post
            doesn't it require the full path?

            /home/userx/public_html/forum/attach ?
            It should because the user should not be storing them inside the forum directory at all. He should be putting them above that, ie. /home/userx/attach

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