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Multiplte Email Address Question For Sending Mail

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  • Multiplte Email Address Question For Sending Mail


    I made this service request: and was told that all I need to do to accomplish that is

    just setup your board to use an SMTP connection and separate your email addresses with a semicolon... works like a champ
    Is that how it works? I know I won't get the stats that I requested but if I do it like the above quote says, will it distribute the emails evenly? Meaning if I enter 10 email addresses and send 500 emails in a day will each email address send 50 of those emails out each?


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    Alright, I have everything setup as far as smtp setting goes for the gmail. I have my username and password in there and it's sending email out to members perfectly.

    Now, how would I go about adding multiple emails for the smtp connection? Am I correct in assuming that I would need to alter the smtp settings so that 10 different usernames and 10 different passwords were present? The same for the contact email in vBulletin Options > Contact Settings?

    Is this something that's going to need to be modified after all?


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