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Newbie - can't run php installation

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  • Newbie - can't run php installation

    I thought I had created a db in sql but I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve done something really stupid and just missed something that might be completely obvious to a more experienced person.

    I just know I’m missing something that is really obvious but I’m so new to this and as I have a young baby I tend to be up most of the night and am pretty sleep-deprived at the moment (not to mention way out of my depth!) It’s much more complicated (to me) than I thought it would be and I’ve been trying now for 2 days.
    I registered the domain name, then I bought and downloaded the vbulletin software to my desktop and then I got hosting and followed all the steps in the installation guidelines but when I try to run the installation script it doesn’t work.

    Also it says in the hostgator email that there is a file called hostgator.html in my public_html file but I can’t seem to see it there?

    I know I’m not naturally good at computers (no kidding!) but I’d be so so grateful for any suggestions or advice on what I‘m doing wrong - now I only have to hope that someone else is awake at this time and the baby doesn’t wake up again lol
    Thanks in advance

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    One thing, or actually the main you thing you have done wrong is you uploaded the zip file. You were supposed to have unzipped the file and then upload the contents of the upload folder.


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      thanks a million, I'll go and work on that now then and see what happens


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        Originally posted by Nomat View Post
        thanks a million, I'll go and work on that now then and see what happens

        After you unzip the files, you will need to go into the includes folder and look for & change the name to config.php - Then you will want to edit the file with your server information. At this point you can upload it to your server and begin installation.


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          Rather than change the name of the file, you might just want to make a copy of the file and name it config.php, just in case you screw something up, you won't have to upload another copy.

          The part you are looking for in the config.php file is this part:

          // ****** MASTER DATABASE USERNAME & PASSWORD ******
          // This is the username and password you use to access MySQL.
          // These must be obtained through your webhost.
          $config['MasterServer']['username'] = 'root';
          $config['MasterServer']['password'] = '';

          Looking at your script, it looks like your 'username' is 'notmart_harimum.' You may have to get the password from your ISP if they created the database for you.

          You will need a text editor to make the changes to your database "username" and "password" and you need to be careful you don't create "whitespaces" in the file while you are editing it. You can use an editor, such as TextPad (there are others that are good also) and you can download a working copy from their website.

          After you have added your 'username' and 'password' to the config.php file, you can upload it to your server /forum/includes folder in ASCII mode.

          After this has been done, you should re-run the install script.



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            Hope it works for you this time, good luck
            - TomJames


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              Don't worry, once you learn this the hardest part is over . I'm not sure if the problem in the second is the connection thing or that it looks different to the image in the manual, sorry.

              Since it has the no-op thing I assume it's not the connection thing, to move the files over just open the folder with vBulletin's files in as you normally do and drag and drop them.

              The second 'confused' image doesn't come up.
              - TomJames


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                Thanks for taking the time to reply Tom (for some reason I keep wanting to call you 'Major Tom' lol)

                I'll keep trying, I wonder if I need to change these values in the install file?


                the 'confused' one is just a screen shot of the message I get when I go to the 'install.php' and copy the path of it into my browser (clutching at straws there!) it says:

                Warning: fetch_config(/home/notmart/public_html/forum/upload/includes/config.php) [function.fetch-config]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/notmart/public_html/forum/upload/includes/class_core.php on line 2386

                Warning: fetch_config(/home/notmart/public_html/forum/upload/includes/config.php) [function.fetch-config]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/notmart/public_html/forum/upload/includes/class_core.php on line 2386

                Warning: fetch_config() [function.include]: Failed opening '/home/notmart/public_html/forum/upload/includes/config.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/notmart/public_html/forum/upload/includes/class_core.php on line 2386

                Configuration: includes/config.php does not exist. Please fill out the data in and rename it to config.php
                (but I've already changed the file and renamed in config.php)

                meh! I'm surprised the neighbours haven't complained yet at the language I'm using. Good job my son is too young to understand what I'm saying!

                It's so so frustrating...


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                  If you're setting values in config.php, this could help you:

                  Just make sure you have the right server details (database username, password, name).
                  Congratulations on the death of vBulletin, Internet Brands.


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                    first please delete both vbulletin_3-6-8_Patch_Level_2 zip files they are public accessible .
                    secondly rename to config.php you can find this file /forums/upload/includes/ Folder
                    then run installer


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                      thanks Lucky but I'm still really confused bcz I think now that my install.php is at:

                      / public_html / forums / upload / install / (Current Folder)

                      and yet it's still not working. Am I missing something really obvious do you think?

                      thanks in advance

                      p.s I already took your advice and deleted the vbulletin zips and had already renamed the config.php and edited the contents?


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                        i can install it for you . please PM me your FTP login if you need my help


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                          Originally posted by Nomat View Post

                          / public_html / forums / upload / install / (Current Folder)
                          open the upload folder then upload the files "inside" that folder..

                          so you will have


                          etc etc etc

                          Once you have them all there goto http://yourdomain/forums/install/install.php and away you go


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                            You should also delete the "Do Not Upload" folder from your publicly accessible folders!!!!



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                              please enter your customer number and proceed with installation steps
                              Customer Number
                              This is the number with which you log in to the Members' Area


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