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  • Old posts showing up for moderation

    I am getting old two year old posts, not set for moderation, showing up in the moderation list. The new real "to be" moderated posts show also and the number count is correct, but the old ones do not get counted. I am unable to validate the old posts, and can only delete them, which I don't want to do. A few more show up every few hours. Help.
    Last edited by Thierry Martin; Fri 11 Jan '08, 12:51am.

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    Probably same issue with a modifiction that is causing your this problem to showup now.


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      No mods responsible.

      No mods, just rebuild of counters seems to have done it.


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        I had set some users to have moderated visitor messages, they never showed up in my moderation list. As I have deleted them where they were, on the user profile pages, some of the old posts disappeared. The old posts had very low ID numbers, like 32, 17, etc. Is it possible that they were the same IDs as the visitor message posts?


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          I have removed all but 4 of the errant posts by searching for marked for moderation visitor messages in the profiles and deleting them. Any ideas on how to find the last 4 without opening every single user profile on my board?


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