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possible to disable "Recent Visitors" (based on group)?

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  • possible to disable "Recent Visitors" (based on group)?

    I can´t seem to find the button to disable this feature.
    I would *very* much like to be able to enable / disable this on a per group basis. Believe me when I say this would be a killer app for paid subscriptions.

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    ok, I installed it in a live environment, some folks love it, others heavily complain about their privacy regarding the "recent visitors" feature.

    I understand it is connected to the visibility settings, but I think that´s not differentiated enough.
    e.g. we got normal users and "supporters", which is a paid subscription.
    Among many other features supporters can turn themselves invisible and thus gain some privacy, but can NOT see others who set themselves to invisible, which is just fine. (also the admins and mods would very much like to stay as invisible as possible).

    So if I´d like to use "see who´s been on your profile" as a selling point for supporters, I can´t do that right now.
    I could only offer something like "disappear from recent visitors".
    Plus I can not offer "see everyone who was on your profile page" without giving up general invisibility of supporters and admins.

    Another thing: Some are concerned that others can see who's been on their profile page, this just has got too much stalking potential.

    so if I´m not too dumb to find the right buttons, I´d like to request the following user group settings:

    Can view recent visitors on own profile page - yes/no
    Can view recent visitors on other profile pages - yes/no
    Can disable if his/her name is shown on other profiles - yes/no

    the according settings somewhere in the user CP:
    Show others which profiles I´ve visited - yes/no (or maybe even a third: only the owner)

    and also a main switch to turn the whole thing off.
    Setting "Maximum Visitors to Show on Profile Page" to 0 doesn´t do the trick, unless the cache is fooling me.


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      To disable this, go to

      AdminCP > vBulletin Options > vBulletin Options > User Profile Options > Enabled User Profile Features > Visitor Tracking

      Uncheck the box and save the changes.

      This is not a per usergroup setting and therefore cannot be set for a specific usergroup to view this and not others.
      Kerry-Anne :)

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        That is very unfortunate. For management reasons this provides a LOT of information. HOWEVER this (especially for my forums) could cause huge interpersonal problems. I run a support group for parents of VERY ill children. Many of these parents are emotionally off-balance.

        Personally, for the administration, I like this feature. It helps ME understand who is reading up on whom since this has been a problem with stalking-like behavior. However, it is not a feature which helps the members when many of them are neurotic enough as it is.

        It would be VERY helpful if these settings were able to be enabled and disabled by usergroup rather than for the entire community.


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          Thats too bad. I would like to turn it off for the Moderators. So members can't track them.


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            This would be an excellent feature if you had usergroup options for it. I'm still learning all the new stuff from vb 3.017 through to this version, so I'm not sure, but I saw something in the documentation about user permission bits...this might be doable as a mod. Check at if someone is planning this.

            Edit: You know what, even easier, edit the template and put in a conditional statement so that box only shows for the usergroups you want. I don't know the right syntax off the bat, but coders should be able to help you easily.


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              So if an admin unchecks "visitor tracking", when she visits user profiles, the visited user won't see the admin has visited their profile?


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                There is a plugin that will do this:



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