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  • Style w/ Upgrade?

    I know you guys are flooded with questions right now, and for that I apologize for being a n00bie with another one

    I want to upgrade to 3.7.0, but I'm worried about the style (I know it should go on a non-production site since it's in beta... but if you saw the traffic to my board currently, you would understand why I don't care about putting it live right now )

    Will a style/template made for 3.6.8 leave much out? Are there new icons or different templates etc that could throw a wrench in the 3.6.8 styled template?

    Sorry to be a nuisance -
    Columbus Blue Jackets Forums

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    Depends. If it is mostly just colour changes, it should be fine to just revert templates and keep the style.

    If it has a lot of template changes (things moved around or removed or added), then you will need to go through it more thoroughly.

    Try it on a test board, revert templates and see how you go.


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      Thanks - I will
      Columbus Blue Jackets Forums


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        If you need a hand comparing templates, or want me to take a look, let me know.


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          great - thanks
          Columbus Blue Jackets Forums


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            What seems to be most impacted with old 3.6.x templates is that the member page doesnt show up properly and the tag entry section below posts doesnt show.

            The entire post/newreply form is different too.

            I wouldnt think though, that if your experienced with vb styles, you wouldnt have to much of an issue sifting through the changes.


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              Just so you know, there are a LOT of templates going on. So, if you have a BIG board. I suggest that you have an announcement that it'll take quite few hours and/or days before it's up and running.
              Shun Goku Satsu


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                Indeed, there have been a lot of template changes to incorporate the new options, variables, phrases, and functionality, features, and what not. This means you have to re-apply your customizations to these templates if you find that your 3.6 style doesn't properly work on 3.7.


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                  I use the NUAL Skin for 3.6.x, for the most part on 3.7 it works but I lose the new profile that is part of the social networking, I had to switch to the default vB skin until my coder can edit the NUAL skin to work with 100% with 3.7.

                  So I am sure there will be alot of skins that will cause this same problem, some will make it nonexistent (like mine) others will prolly throw everything off to where it does not look right, with some patients and and good knowledge of vB you will get your skins working right.


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                    You imply to run vB, but you are showing unlicensed, please set yourself up for priority support. Thank you.


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                      I found it quite an easy job updating a custom style from 3.6.8 to 3.7. I found 9 Templates that required recoding, and some images needed to be moved over in my styles directory. But on the whole it wasn't as bad has I originally thought it would be.

                      I only applied this on a test forum, not a 'live' forum, once I know all my custom coding works then I'll export the custom style, and import it into my 'live' site, once 3.7 goes gold or released as an 'RC'.


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